Our Story

Quite simply, we are people with a passion for food and cooking. We also like to have fun! With that in mind, we have always been on the lookout for delicious, quality ingredients – olive oil and vinegar in particular.

As time went on, we thought about all the different oils and vinegars we had fallen in love with and thought “wouldn’t it be fun to be able to taste Greek olive oil beside an Italian olive oil and really decide which one we preferred?”

Thus, the idea for Vinaigrette was born. Vinaigrette, LLC began in 2009 in Southwest Minneapolis. We are a family-owned and operated food store, specializing in everything vinaigrette.

We look forward to seeing you at Vinaigrette to find oils and vinegars to tap, taste and treasure for years to come!

Richard and Sarah Piepenburg

Owners of Vinaigrette